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  • Performer: Aphex Twin
  • Title: Modular Trax
  • Size MP3 ver: 1352 mb
  • Size FLAC ver: 1360 mb
  • Size WMA ver: 1754 mb
  • Country: UK
  • Date of release: 2014
  • Style: Experimental, Noise, Glitch
  • Other formats: WAV AUD MP3 AU MMF MIDI MP4
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Rating: 4.4 of 5
Aphex Twin - Modular Trax

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1 Buchla 200e Xy MARF 2:01
2 Buchla 200e 31 Patches 3:37
3 Buchla 200 Quad Eg,fm Osc Fb Network Edit Master Edit+3 2:12
4 Quik Easel 0:56
5 Nqz2 Edit+6 2:51
6 Nqz3 Singing Chaos Montage+6 3:22
7 Nqz5 Baby 3:25
8 Nqz7 Dark Rave 1:07
9 Nqz9 Chaos Rave. 1st Edit +6 2:26
10 Nqz11 Fucked Pwm Fb Edit+6 5:03
11 Nqz12 Fs Del 1:03
12 Nqz14 Envdelfs Edit 1:18
13 Nqz18 Impulse B 1:46
14 Nqz21 0:30
15 Nqz27 0:37
16 Snh Edit B 0:15
17 Sines 2seq Edit 1:24
18 Springs3 - Afx [edit] 2:25
19 Matrix Del1 Edit 0:58
20 Modulart3 [Schmoo Pulse] 3:23
21 Arp 2500 - Modules 1004 P,1004 T,1016 [Brain Floss Mix] 2:18


A playlist that was available to download for a limited time from Aphex Twin's soundcloud page.

Tracks 1 to 3, 5 to 21 play at 320 kbps.
Track 4 plays at 192 kbps.

Comments (25)

I'm loving all the comments here and on syro from all the clowns calling Richard James a 'once hero' and generally running him down. This man never sought your fucking approval and has been a true legend from day one. All of his success is down to the brilliance of his music and he's never relied on the industry or the media to promote his material. Music lovers will check out anything he touches because he's always been a fascinating and enigmatic producer. Just like the original black dog line up, autechre and early Pritchard and Middleton collaborations, we are blessed to have had his music. Now go back to your current 'flavour of the month' and keep walking.
I enjoyed your comment but you missed my point. First up, shitloads of people care what other people like or don't like. Most of the comments on this site and many others are made up of people recommending stuff or expressing disappointment and generally sharing their thoughts on music. If no one cared, nobody would post or read this stuff. And I'm sticking by Richard James not needing the media to sell his his music - if anything he manipulated the media well to generate some mystique around his identity. That doesn't mean to say he didn't have brilliant videos - esp come to daddy and window licker - just that he did it on his own terms.
Who cares what other people like or don't like? Not worth getting upset about it, mate, besides, Syro has been selling well and is universally critically acclaimed. I have it on vinyl and a digital version for which I also paid. it's not entirely true that he never relied on 'the industry' to promote his material, he has lots of music videos and has been signed to major labels since the early 90's, not that that's a criticism. I have seen Aphex promotional clips on MTV back in the day, read his interviews in well established papers and music magazines and I even remember him expressing a desire to perform on Top of the Tops when the RDJ album came out, seemed serious about it too. Aphex Twin is a fringe pop artist, he doesn't make pop music by any means but it's still out there in popular culture and has been for a long time. And yeah, he's also my favorite musician of all time.
Sonic experiments, some rhythmical elements in some of the tracks but nothing which comes close to music even in the abstract or noize sense. I'm a huge Aphex Twin fan, had the option to download these but passed on it. So yeah, only good for pure audiophiles and maybe one or two producers with a good ear.
Interesting concept album
future noodles, in about 20 years people will realise how good these are..
why are you all treating this like a serious aphex album?they're just samples... but they're good ones in my opinion!
and to think how huge this guy once was... like 'Syro', these samples are just so-so. small snippets of evidence Richard D. James has been surpassed by newer artists and his best is behind him.
My god.. how tiny your mind..... .. . .
They are not your standard tracks but I find them more real and immediate, less contrived, raw, its great to hear tracks like this, I also like Russel Haswells experimental modular tracks.
You wish, haha..with him out the way eh, people might just recognise your very average output, nice try.
yes, this wasnt intended to be anything special, did you read the interview that went along with these tracks? this is just him fucking around, troll
LOL... This isn't an "album". It's synth noodling. You shouldn't compare official artist releases (from RDJ or anyone else) to this.
The ID3 tag says that the album name is "SYROBONKERS! Interview Trax". Modular Trax was the name of the playlist.
This is not an album. This is a MISC release. (updated, thank you)
I think it's a stretch to even call this a 'release'. They're just examples of what his gear sounds like 'cause they were discussing it in an interview. I don't think this should be listed at all
already gone from the soundcloud page? :/
Still there from what I can see.
really enjoyed these while reading the interview... but this isn't really a release. Def not "official" as it's categorized atm.
super noodles!
You have to remember that this is NOT an official album, so don't treat it like one. It was a collection of synth samples that provided as a supplement to an extensive interview about his kit.
Yeah, ok joyrex....
More noodles from once a legend.
Stylish Monkey
still a legend by any measure
ha, wot a twat for posting that.

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