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  • Performer: Lil Ugly Mane
  • Title: Three Sided Tape Volume One & Two
  • Size MP3 ver: 1886 mb
  • Size FLAC ver: 1953 mb
  • Size WMA ver: 1900 mb
  • Country: US
  • Date of release: 2015
  • Style: Abstract, Trap, Instrumental, Experimental, Hip Hop
  • Other formats: APE MPC MP2 AIFF DXD VQF MP3
  • Genre: Electronic / Hip hop
  • Rating: 4.7 of 5
Lil Ugly Mane - Three Sided Tape Volume One & Two

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Three Sided Tape Resume 1 (Tape One Side A)
A1-1 Nasty Awful Rappers
A1-2 Hello
A1-3 Steelspittin
A1-4 Bath Tme
A1-5 Cap Peel
A1-6 Forever I B Stangin (Polo Right First Version)
A1-7 Can Sex Me (Tru Freek Bmore Edition)
A1-8 Iron Door
A1-9 Syko 4 Dat Ass
Three Sided Tape Resume 1 (Tape One Side B)
B1-1 Syko 4 Dat Ass (Reversed)
B1-2 Iron Door (Reversed)
B1-3 Can Sex Me (Tru Freek Bmore Edition) (Reversed)
B1-4 Forever I B Stangin (Polo Right First Version) (Reversed)
B1-5 Cap Peel (Reversed)
B1-6 Bath Tme (Reversed)
B1-7 Steelspittin (Reversed)
B1-8 Hello (Reversed)
B1-9 Nasty Awful Rappers (Reversed)
Three Sided Tape Resume 1 (Tape Two Side A)
A2-1 Radio
A2-2 Downwiththisclick
A2-3 Radiation (Second Version)
A2-4 ___________
A2-5 Bed Time
A2-6 Jesus Piece
A2-7 Ethics
A2-8 Found Tape
A2-9 Hennesy And Seagrams Gin
A2-10 Smokeclears
Featuring [Uncredited] – Ilwad Awale
A2-11 Brion Gysin With A Cool Hat On
A2-12 Deer Gas
A2-13 Vudmurk
Three Sided Tape Resume 1 (Tape Two Side B)
B2-1 Vudmurk (Reversed)
B2-2 Deer Gas (Reversed)
B2-3 Brion Gysin With A Cool Hat On (Reversed)
B2-4 Smokeclears (Reversed)
Featuring [Uncredited] – Ilwad Awale
B2-5 Hennesy And Seagrams Gin (Reversed)
B2-6 Found Tape (Reversed)
B2-7 Ethics (Reversed)
B2-8 Jesus Piece (Reversed)
B2-9 Bed Time (Reversed)
B2-10 ___________ (Reversed)
B2-11 Radiation (Second Version) (Reversed)
B2-12 Downwiththisclick (Reversed)
B2-13 Radio (Reversed)
Three Sided Tape Resume 1 (Tape Three Side A)
A3-1 Cut
A3-2 Down
A3-3 Citynitesfoxblues
A3-4 Spagetti Strap Gun Holster
A3-5 Maniaaac
A3-6 RIP
A3-7 Dream
A3-8 Longrange
A3-9 Old Person Controller
A3-10 Slack In My Mack (First Version)
Three Sided Tape Resume 1 (Tape Three Side B)
B3-1 Slack In My Mack (First Version) (Reversed)
B3-2 Old Person Controller (Reversed)
B3-3 Longrange (Reversed)
B3-4 Dream (Reversed)
B3-5 RIP (Reversed)
B3-6 Maniaaac (Reversed)
B3-7 Spagetti Strap Gun Holster (Reversed)
B3-8 Citynitesfoxblues (Reversed)
B3-9 Down (Reversed)
B3-10 Cut (Reversed)
Three Sided Tape Resume 2 (Tape One Side A)
A4-1 2007
A4-2 Found Tape Intro
A4-3 Underwater Tank (First Version)
A4-4 Family Thirst
A4-5 Short Paragraph Of My Life
Featuring [Uncredited] – Nickelus F
A4-6 Good Peoples Loop
A4-7 Thrash Sleeper
A4-8 Found Tape Interlude
A4-9 Radio A Set Trip Edit
A4-10 Clueless 2
Featuring [Uncredited] – Ilwad Awale
A4-11 Givens
A4-12 Sermon On The Mouth 06
Three Sided Tape Resume 2 (Tape One Side B)
B4-1 Sermon On The Mouth 06 (Reversed))
B4-2 Givens (Reversed)
B4-3 Clueless 2 (Reversed)
Featuring [Uncredited] – Ilwad Awale
B4-4 Radio A Set Trip Edit (Reversed)
B4-5 Found Tape Interlude (Reversed)
B4-6 Trash Sleeper (Reversed)
B4-7 Good Peoples Loop (Reversed)
B4-8 Short Paragraph Of My Life (Reversed)
Featuring [Uncredited] – Nickelus F
B4-9 Family Thirst (Reversed)
B4-10 Underwater Tank (First Version) (Reversed)
B4-11 Found Tape Intro (Reversed)
B4-12 2007 (Reversed)
Three Sided Tape Resume 2 (Tape Two Side A)
A5-1 Victory Lap
A5-2 Spooky Movie O.S.T.
A5-3 Go Away (First Version)
A5-4 Roses Customer Service Helps A Customer
A5-5 Days Like This
A5-6 Torn
A5-7 Folding Person
A5-8 Lookin Pella
A5-9 Cellar Ascent
Three Sided Tape Resume 2 (Tape Two Side B)
B5-1 Cellar Ascent (Reversed)
B5-2 Lookin Pella (Reversed)
B5-3 Folding Person (Reversed)
B5-4 Torn (Reversed)
B5-5 Days Like This (Reversed)
B5-6 Roses Customer Service Helps A Customer (Reversed)
B5-7 Go Away (Reversed)
B5-8 Spooky Movie O.S.T. (Reversed)
B5-9 Victory Lap (Reversed)
Three Sided Tape Resume 2 (Tape Three Side A)
A6-1 Compliments In A Graveyard
A6-2 Floss Thru Ya Town
A6-3 Smokering Not Smoke Ring
A6-4 Pomegranite
A6-5 Belt Water
A6-6 Waving
A6-7 Wearing My Chain Tho
Featuring [Uncredited] – Ilwad Awale
A6-8 Misery
Three Sided Tape Resume 2 (Tape Three Side B)
B6-1 Misery (Reversed)
B6-2 Wearing My Chain Tho (Reversed)
Featuring [Uncredited] – Ilwad Awale
B6-3 Waving (Reversed)
B6-4 Belt Water (Reversed)
B6-5 Pomegranite (Reversed)
B6-6 Smokering Not Smoke Ring (Reversed)
B6-7 Floss Thru Ya Town (Reversed)
B6-8 Compliments In A Graveyard (Reversed)


Silver shells for Volume 1.
Golden shells for Volume 2.

No tracklist is provided on this release. The track names came from the digital versions on Lil Ugly Mane's Bandcamp page. The tracks on the B-side of each tape play in reverse.

Other versions

Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
none Lil Ugly Mane Three Sided Tape Volume Two ‎(3xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Not On Label (Lil Ugly Mane Self-released) none US 2013
none Lil Ugly Mane Three Sided Tape Volume One ‎(3xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Not On Label (Lil Ugly Mane Self-released) none US 2013

Comments (34)

just wanted to say that mine arrived ca 2 weeks ago (germany)... But my copies of underwater tank flexi that i ordered last december (!!!) were not included... Since he has restocked underwater tank on his website i really insist to get what i've paid for... Has anyone of you tried to reach him via his personal facebook? Or is it his nature to ignore messages since he got "attacked" on his ormolycka-facebook erlier this year?
Ich weiß auch zu schätzen was ORM und LUM da machen, aber finde es dennoch extrem abgefuckt dass man dann so abgezogen wird. Ich habe nie eine E-Mail geschrieben wo denn nun das Zeug bleibt. Kein unnötiges auf die Nerven gehen, ich weiß dass es seine Zeit dauert so was zu produzieren und ich habe lieber ein liebevolles handgemachtes Produkt als eins was gerade so zusammengeschustert wurde. Auch kann ich verstehen, dass man Re-Seller vermeiden will, man sieht ja zu was für exorbitanten Preisen das führt. Meine zweite Copy war eher zum tauschen gedacht gegen Dinge die ich noch nicht habe. Ich kann dir die E-Mail Adresse gerne per PM schicken, glaube aber nicht dass man viel Erfolg hat wenn man dort hinschreibt. Bei Instagram und Twitter ist ORM am aktivsten.
Still waiting on my Underwater Tank flexis from last December, as well. Not ever expecting to see the DG Boots, either. The nature of the "attacks," were people mentioning that he never responds to emails, not the other way around.
Richtige Schande.... ich weiss das zu schätzen was er macht, aber ich kenne genug diy-one-man-labels die nicht bei (berechtigter) Kritik auf beleidigt machen und die Supporter samt ihrer Anliegen sich selbst überlassen. An welche email hast du geschrieben? Er hatte dieses Jahr 2 Adressen gepostet einmal "[email protected]" und einmal "[email protected]" ... habe beide angeschrieben mit Lesebestätigung usw... die Mails wurden bis heute nicht geöffnet. Ich warte noch auf das Per-Order Boxset und danach werde ich mir diese Kopfschmerzen nicht mehr geben...
Hallo, ich habe das Box-Set auch vor ca. 2 Wochen erhalten. Ich hatte es zwei mal bestellt. Anstatt es zwei mal zu erhalten, hat er mir eine Kassette von MTI mit reingelegt. Ich habe ihn per E-Mail angeschrieben, habe aber bis heute keine Antwort erhalten.
I got mine today and it's very lovely. I'm an Australia so I assume I will be one of the last ones...
shame it seems im not the only one who lost an order
Arrived week ago (Lituania)
I haven't gotten any shipping updates from Ormo ever since ordering the LUM Flexi Disc about mid-2014. I'm assuming that he's going to compile all of my orders together to ship with the LUM Boxset to avoid shipping costs, because that seems smart, but I've been given no update, and I'm honestly worried whether or not I'll get anything else from Ormo any time soon.
yes ormolycka is a piece of shit
Reached out to orm on Twitter way back and he said that flexis (or separate orders in general) would not be compiled with the box sets, that they would be shipped out as soon as possible. If you haven't received a notice saying that shipping label has been printed by now the chances of you receiving the merchandise is pretty slim to none. That's the way it goes with orm, if there's one screw up it'll never be noticed because he's trying to run the whole fuckin show and will never be in contact with any of us to make sure things are right.
Yo same thing with me. Ordered flexi, pre-ordered boxset and three sided tape. Have written notes on every single order asking if the items could be shipped all in one parcel. Have written emails to '[email protected]' and '[email protected]' and never got any response.
sounds about right
Yeah, I ordered two Death Grips cassettes and only got one awhile ago.
Just got my three sided tape box. Got another order back around April, I think. I had an order for the flexi that I put in in December and it's never been included with future orders and i've never gotten a response. I don't have a lot of faith in that flexi ever showing up, at this point
Is anyone else still waiting for this? My shipping status is still at label created. Its weird because all of us obviously ordered this on the same day, since it sold out in one day. I'm kinda worried. Orm, why you gotta do me like that haha.
...............Because picking up items off of a shelf and putting items in a box, taping a box shut and taping a label on the box takes foreverrrrrrrr. I know the struggle orm, everytime I get an order on Discogs I panic because it takes at least a month out of my life too.
Ha! Hey our labels were created the same day! Mines August 25th @7 something pm. Still waiting on a status change, that orm must be one busy fellow......................................................................................................
Mine is still saying August 25, 2015 , 11:36 pm Shipping Label Created... Hopefully it turns up soon...
Orm ships things in waves as he pleases. Don't be worried. Mine says shipping label created as well.
Just wanted to update, it arrived last week and looks amazing. Top quality shit, as I've grown to expect from such a dedicated label. Ormo forever.
Mine came in today bruh, looks really legit
I love Ormo and the four or five orders I've received from him. Really disappointed that the demand has overwhelmed the supply. Millennials are so impatient. Hyped for this set, I can't wait to see the bonus features.
You realize that this dude is super shady and has piss poor customer service, right? If someone requests an address change, it is common courtesy to reply. If someone has any kind of question, it is common courtesy to reply. If someone emails wondering why they haven't received an item they ordered eight months ago, it is COMMON COURTESY to reply. He has also changed his paypal email due to so many disputes with the original one. If that many people are asking for their money back, maybe it's time for a change in business strategy. Or stop taking orders if you can't run your business. People blaming impatience for ORM's awful reputation are especially jaded. No other tape/record label in 2015 behaves this way. I didn't order this LUM boxset because I'm moving next month and figured I wouldn't ever get it. I'm still waiting on my Mykki Blanco LP that I ordered the day they went up. Guessing I won't ever get it (can't email asking for an update!) and that I wasted $20-whatever. And I've accepted that. Whatever. But sticking up for that shit and poking fun of customers that have honest complaints is ridiculous. I guess maybe I'm just an impatient millennial though..
So let me get this straight, two hours of music split up over 6 cassettes. That's 12 sides. That makes like 5-10 minutes of music on each side of each cassette. Cool collection, but I feel like I'm gonna be flipping/switching tapes far too often.
Golden freddi
Sick. Okay now I feel like I have more invested in this order. But working with ormolycka so I'll be a patient lil kid and wait for them like Christmas Day.
and now we wait
already pre ordered one
only if you are a sucker who likes to wait 6 months for said box set after release.
youll buy again when the rip box set drops.

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